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The Website of Filmmaker Reinaldo Pinto Almeida who is native in English, German and Portuguese and who also speaks French and Spanish.

Das Apartment

by Reinaldo Pinto Almeida
Duration: 6 episodes 43minutes in Total World premiere date: May 15
Official Competition –Your Turn Winner 1st Prize
Release date: May 2015 (of the 1st Episode)

Chris, Lenni and Rachel are, very different, international, young and unique and they share a flat in Berlin.
Lenni is from Finland and explores his enhanced carpe diem Philosophy to the limit, whilst the Canadian named Rachel struggles to build a career in the unique and sometimes weird digital start-up scene. Their French flatmate Chris tries to keep true to his political principles, as he fails to find a job. That doesn't keep him from correcting his flatmates nor from getting on their nerves.

Das Apartment is a comedy web-series based off the expanding expat scene in contemporary Berlin. The strong points of view, language barriers and the different lifestyles blend into rich and playful situations, which challenge the protagonists lives on a daily basis. This International and multi-lingual blend is spiced up in each episode by the occasional visitor, lover, boss, neighbor, friend or relative that stirs up the already existing lines of conflict. Showing at the same time the comical side of Berlin's multi-facetted world.

CAST: Nicole Ratjen, Edvard Lammervo, Mathieu Pelletier.

Mala Ghedia, Yoni Downs, Dorothee Marecki, Davide Brizzi, Stefanie Schuster, Judith Seither, Ela Özlem Cosen, Isabelle von Siebenthal, Harald Glitz.

Producer : Urs Kind

Screenwriters : Reinaldo Pinto Almeida
Production : Almeida Kind Gbr
Creator : Reinaldo P. Almeida

With the support of:
Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg – Endemol Beyond –Youtube

Cinematographer: Johannes Greisle
Sound : Leo Aderhold
Image Editing : Jannis Greff, Antonella Sarubbi, Jörg Volkmar, R.P.A.
Sound Editing & Mix: Leo Aderhold
Color correction : Various
Music: Leo Auri, Ramin Bijan (Main Track)