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Grain Of Salt

is the website of the Filmmaker

Pinto Almeida

here you may find some of his work as a

Director, Editor, Writer and Workshop Teacher

From Lisbon and Based in Berlin.

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R. Almeida
C/o: LIMINOID Productions
Großbeerenstraße 83
10963 Berlin

The Website of Filmmaker Reinaldo Pinto Almeida who is native in English, German and Portuguese and who also speaks French and Spanish.

Landschaften in Zeiten des Verrats
Landscapes in Times of Treason

Summer holidays in Berlin. Three classmates challenge each other with dares. When they come up with the idea to shoot a film with their mobile phones, a destructive dynamic unfolds that uncovers previously hidden racist ideas towards one of them and puts their friendship to the test.

Reinaldo Pinto Almeida
Kyra Jungck LIMINOID Productions
Leigh Lisbão Underwood
Doguhan Kabadayi, Timo Geimer, Leon Klein, Daria Rabes, Antonia Breidenbach

Production Design
Svantje Woltersdorf
Le Comptoir Boubou
Special effects
Andreas Dahn
Sound Editing
Leonard Aderhold
Sound Mixing
Karl Gerhardt
Sound Recording
Leonardo Nerini
Laure Boer
Martin Jungck
Reinaldo Pinto Almeida
Serafim Gusev
Color Grading
Juan Galva
Title Design

A LIMINOID PRODUCTION with the kind support of ARRI Rental, Studio Mitte and the Antonio Amadeu Foundation