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Grain Of Salt

is the website of the Filmmaker

Pinto Almeida

here you may find some of his work as a

Director, Editor, Writer and Workshop Teacher

From Lisbon and Based in Berlin.

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The Website of Filmmaker Reinaldo Pinto Almeida who is native in English, German and Portuguese and who also speaks French and Spanish.

Grain of Salt

Grain of Salt is the identity through which Reinaldo Pinto Almeida presents his work as a filmmaker, editor and writer/director.

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NEWS: Minutos, a 10-minute film by director Reinaldo Pinto Almeida, will have its Premiere at the 45th Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis, on January 24, 2024, the film beautifully weaves together themes of family, heritage, and the lasting impact of the past.

Reinaldo currently lives and works in Berlin as a freelance Director and Editor having studied at the Film institute HFF-Konrad Wolf/ University of Film Babelsberg Konrad Wolf graduating with an MFA in Montage.

His series Das Apartment won the first Yourturn Prize in 2015.
Both seasons of Das Apartment screened exclusively on the German online platform Spiegel.TV in 2018. It is now available on .

Bright Nights by Thomas Arslan was edited by him and was selected to the official competition section of the 67. Berlinale.

Amongst the films he Directed Sushila By The Sea which was premiered in the DOK.Fest Munich, and was screened in the fall of 2020 by Arte France and Germany.
Erosion a experimental film which deals with the theme of remembering films has been shown at Dok.Leipzig as a segment of an omnibus film on the 60th anniversary of the HFF Konrad Wolf, and was later screened by the channel RBB.

His experimental film The Sacrifice of the Druids premiered at the Indie Lisboa International Film Festival in August 2020 in the Manoel de Oliveira theatre.

He shot the short film Landscapes in Times of Treason which he also wrote. A film that tells the violent disruption in a circle of teenage friends on a hot summer day, unleashed by the power relations and the structures between them. It premiered at the Goldener Spatz festival in Gera and Erfurt in 2018.

He is currently developing various projects. He has received a grant by the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin under the Crossing Borders/Grenzgänger program, which has lead him to the documentary Jasons Dream.

Given his fluency in German, Portuguese and English and his excellent French, he is in a comfortable position to work across Europe. And as a holder of the OCI he can travel and work in India with great ease.

He has worked for a number of clients ranging from Fiction Filmmakers, TV-producers to event managers and performers.

Public Appearances

Apart from filmmaking, Reinaldo Pinto Almeida has also been a bi-lingual teacher between 2010 and 11 (K. Schwitters-Oberschule/ Instituto Camões) and has appeared on a large number of shows with Comedy Sportz Berlin and other Improv groups. Furthermore, he took on the position of a speaker and co-led workshops with the European Union on Gender Pay Gap conferences.
In the year 2015, he worked on a filmmaking workshop with newly arrived displaced people from Syria, Guinea, and Afghanistan (ZFM/Bobaj/Friele).
He has also given lectures at the University of Leipzig and co-led a workshop within the Asian Film Festival Berlin (Ballhaus Naunyn/Kulturprojekte Berlin/Korientation).
Furthermore, he is a founding member of the Political Film Forum. With his co-founders Therese Koppe and Dieu Hao Do, they held amongst others the panel the discussion “Space for RACE” with the support of Be A Better Being, Filmuniversity Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF within the Sehsüchte Film Festival.
In addition to these he has worked with private international schools such as the CIEE and GISMA where he and his colleagues used improv as a team building tool.

You may also find other pieces on his vimeo portfolio:


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Reinaldo P. Almeida
Tel.:+49 157 70 28 18 79
R. Almeida
C/o: LIMINOID Productions
Großbeerenstraße 83
10963 Berlin