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RETTET DAS FEUER / Save the Fire

An Essay Film I edited - 85min - Directed by Jasco Viefhues
Premiered in June at the Filmfest München 2019
Screened at Doc Lisboa , BFI Fest, Duisburger Filmwoche and more

“I say: I believe in life, I believe in love, I believe in death. This is why I believe in transience. I take a photograph, I photograph a person. I photograph the world. I exist. When I imagine the stream of my ancestors standing behind me, I see my adoptive parents, my biological parents, and I see my queer ancestors.” Jürgen Baldiga

“Identity means history and vice versa. So what does it mean to not know one’s own history? Today, AIDS no longer means what it did thirty years ago, but the stories from the collective memory are now becoming history and I want to tell them.” Jasco Viefhues